The childbearing year is a time when one should be extremely cautious in the choices made. In addition to good nutrition and adequate exercise, the care provider, support team and place of birth are of utmost importance in the creation of a safe, empowering, and healthy experience. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself when making decisions about those three in particular:

       Does your care provider make you feel heard, answer your questions honestly and in a way you  understand? 

       Is your care provider supportive of what you envision for your birth? If not, why not?

       What is your care provider's philosophy as it pertains to pregnancy and birth; is it a normal bodily function, or is it a medical disaster waiting to happen and in need of intervention?

        What are your care provider's statistics for things like: successful vaginal birth? cesarean birth? labor induction? VBAC? Twins?

Be sure to ask these questions about the hospital or birth center you choose as well.

Who do I feel comfortable enough with that I'm willing to allow them to see me at my most vulnerable? (Who would I be most comfortable with seeing me naked.)


Would I be most comfortable in the hospital, where there is almost instant access to drugs and interventions if needed?

Would I feel more comfortable at home where I have more control over human interaction?


Would I feel better in a place that is more of a melding of the two?

Research into all aspects of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period can help you gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for both you and baby.


Below are links to the services we provide to both help you make those informed decisions, and contribute to a more positive childbearing experience.

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Childbirth Education Series

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