• Essential Oils can be used in a variety of ways to support physical, mental, and emotional support during the childbearing year. Here are some of our most frequent uses:  

    • ​For Pregnancy
      • ​Easing nausea
      • Muscle pain/soreness 

      • Relaxation 

      • Hormonal support to ease mood swings 

    • For Labor & Birth

      • Stimulate contractions ​

      • Support deep relaxation 

      • Energize 

      • Emotional Support

    • ​For Postpartum Care:

      • Ease pain for recovery ​

      • Perenium support

      • Increase milk production 

      • Hormonal balance

      • Relaxation and sleep 

Ask us for more information and support with essential oils...

Essential Oils & Blends for the Childbearing Year 


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